Listen with Your Eyes


Selected works of fibre art from the portfolio of designer-maker Laura Thompson, including art dolls, bowls, art journals and stoles.


Art Dolls

One-of-a-kind art dolls that celebrate people.  From the joyful souls we aspire to be, to the willful guardians we feel inside, to the fun-loving godmothers who know our deepest secrets . . . . A riot of colour and texture, a feast for the eyes and playful nod at our shared humanity.




I have always loved bowls. Their classic shape; simple and elegant; practical and playful; utilitarian and artistic all wrapped into one. To me they represent potential. Over the years I have made many seamless bowls/vessels out of fabric. Here are a few on my favorites.


Art Journals

Handmade journals are a joy to make and use. My favorites are made from water colour paper, embellished with fabric and hand-lettering.


Liturgical Stoles

Some of the stoles I've been commissioned to create.


Other pieces of art

A smattering of others things I've created.