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Flower Pounding on Fabric - Part 2

Last week I showed you how I pounded flower petals and leaves to transfer colour to fabric (here). Because I'd used flowers from my daughter's wedding, I decided to make a keepsake from the small pieces of fabric I'd created. Since I'm passionate about art dolls, and am currently working on a series of new dolls, called Beasties, that's what I made. Not a very conventional sort of keepsake, but one that speaks to my quirky side. The Beasties are wild and silly, and some might even say a tad grumpy-looking. But, they're also bright and colourful and worm their way into your heart!  Here's what I did.

Using the flower-pounding fabric (at the bottom) for inspiration, I gathered a collection of fabrics from my stash.

I cut and pieced a series of horizontal strips in random widths.

I stitched around the outline of the doll then added facial features, arms and a few decorative embellishments to the front.

Here's a close-up of the face - everything was stitched by machine.

he front and back were sewn together, the Beastie was stuffed; a small cap was added and his arms were stitched into a hip-holding pose. Voila . . . a deceptively simple doll.