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Small Fabric Bowls- Part III


The final installment of my series on the tiny, perfect griffonage bowls. Today I'll explain how I decorate the newly-constructed bowls.

Sari ribbon is one of my favorite materials. If you're not familiar with it, sari ribbon is, as the name implies, a ribbon of fabric cut from old saris. The thickness, colour and texture varies and the edges are frayed and ragged. The resulting ribbon is wound into hanks and sold at yarn and knitting shops - a lovely twist on the current recycling trend. 


In part II of this series I explained how I applied embossing powder to the rim of the bowl.

Now for a bit of fun! I selected a sari ribbon that compliments the bowl and cut series of short lengths. I try to cut them quickly to get a variety of lengths with irregular edges (rather than perfect, straight cuts). I try to cut all of the pieces between 1/2" and 1".

I stitch the pieces around the rim along the outside edge of the bowl. I try to keep the stitching line below the embossing powder, but it won't break the needle to pierce the melted powder.

Once the sari ribbon has been applied I sew a single bead or button along one side to provide a focal point . . . . and it's done.

If you don't have access to sari, look at bowl 3 where I used pieces of gold fashion fabric. I cut a series of small, irregularly-shaped pieces (all were more or less 1" long). The finished look is slightly different than of the sari ribbon, but just as pleasing! Remember, work with what you have - enjoy!