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Inspired Skirt with Hand Stitching and Applique

A few weeks ago I wrote about an Alabama Chanin-inspired top I made.  A skirts makes up the other part of this ensemble, which I will wear to my daughter's wedding next month. Now that the skirt is done, my outfit is complete! 

The skirt is a simple, four panel design in the same knit fabric as the top. Unlike traditional Alabama Chanin clothing, in which every stitch is done by hand, the skirt seams were sewn on the machine. I prefer to appliqué the pieces onto the finished garment so that they span the seam smoothly rather than being incorporated into it.   I did, however flat fell the seams and hand stitch them on the outside in Alabama Chanin style. For simplicity, pieces were appliquéd only along the hem of the skirt. Details on how I prepared the appliqué pieces can be found in the first post.

I used a simple, yoga style waistband to finish the skirt. Simple and straight forward, nothing complicated.