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The blog of designer-maker Laura Thompson who specializes in fibre art, including art dolls, bowls, art journals and artful clothing.  Creativity, kindness, understanding and patience. 



You Already have the Right Tools to Make and Create

Last week I saw Maudie – the wonderful movie based on the life of Nova Scotia artist Maud Lewis. I’m captivated by her primitive images and bold colours. Despite a life of great pain and hardship, Maud found a place of joy and tenderness in her art. That she painted on just about any surface she could find, from the doors and windows to the walls and scraps of wood makes her work all the more charming.

In the movie we learn that the diminutive Maud answers an ad for a housekeeper posted in the local store by the reclusive and harsh Everett Lewis. The ad states that the would-be housekeeper “must provide your own tools”, and indeed she does. Beyond the tools she used to clean and cook, Maud used art as the ultimate tool, transforming both her life and Everett’s. Painting seemed to sustain and bolster her through what was undoubtedly a meagre and arduous existence. They also crept into the heart of the distant and severe Everett, bringing beauty to their stark surroundings and adding to their income.

It’s easy to see only a finished painting and to overlook the act of making and creating. Making can be messy and arduous and difficult but also redemptive and liberating and beautiful. Share your creative gifts and trust in their ability to be a positive difference in your life.