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The blog of designer-maker Laura Thompson who specializes in fibre art, including art dolls, bowls, art journals and artful clothing.  Creativity, kindness, understanding and patience. 



Walking - exercise for you brain

I’m a walker - a serious walker, and have been for 17 years. I don’t saunter or stroll, but try to maintain a very quick pace for about 40 minutes a day, 6 times a week. 

My favorite time to walk is on a glorious, cool spring morning. But, I walk all year round, even when I travel, and am seldom deterred by the weather. Why? As a form of exercise, it's enjoyable and sustainable. But more importantly, walking is great for my mental health. It gives my time every day to stop and decompress - to get out of my own way when I'm overthinking. It gives me space to see things in a new light and it’s a great way to work through a creative roadblock.

Walking is a simple form of exercise, rejuvenation and mental relaxation. It doesn't require a lot of expensive equipment or training. It embodies the simple lifestyle I love and for me, it's an important tool in my creative arsenal.