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The blog of designer-maker Laura Thompson who specializes in fibre art, including art dolls, bowls, art journals and artful clothing.  Creativity, kindness, understanding and patience. 



The Saturday Morning Breakfast Ritual

A busy, hectic life with long to-do lists and bulging day-planners is the norm for many. For years, that was my life - always trying to figure out how to multi-task and squeeze just a little more into each day. But I’ve now reached a point where I no longer want to live a hectic life that’s a mile wide, but only an inch deep. So, I’ve made some changes.  For the past year I’ve been slowly editing, simplifying and streamlining my life. And, it feels good . . . more like “right-sizing” than down-sizing.

One priority has been a conscious decision to invest in myself first. It was a big step and it’s not always easy, but I no longer say yes to everything asked of me. But more importantly, it has revitalized my creative life.

We live in a culture that puts a huge focus on time. And, although we often talk about “making” time for something or other, that’s not how the universe works. Time is in fact the great equalizer. Regardless of how smart or rich or brave you might be, no one can go to the store and buy a few extra hours or open the kitchen cupboards and whip up a batch. Every single one of us gets the same number of hours in every week - no more, no less. How we choose to spend our allotted time is where we differ . . . and it is always a choice. Coming to that realization has made an important difference for me. I now give a much greater priority to those things that  bring value, connection and fulfilment to my life. 

Rituals can play an important part role is living a simple, fulfilling, creative life. For me, an important weekly ritual is Saturday morning breakfast with my husband. We like to go to a small, local eatery where they serve fabulous, homemade food and the best coffee in town. We’re early-risers, so we’re often amongst the first few customers through the door. It’s not the cheapest joint in town, but neither is it outrageous, in fact we feel the value is exceptional. If cost was the only consideration, there is plenty of cheap, factory food to choose from. But the whole point of our Saturday breakfast is to spend time together, catching up, planning, talking, laughing and connecting. We’ve made a conscious choice to make Saturday morning breakfast a weekly ritual because we love supporting a local business in a welcoming and unhurried atmosphere.