Listen with Your Eyes


The blog of designer-maker Laura Thompson who specializes in fibre art, including art dolls, bowls, art journals and artful clothing.  Creativity, kindness, understanding and patience. 



What We Do Matters

Words are powerful. They lift us up, pull us down, make us laugh and cry and fill us with wonder. Yet, in the long term, our actions are even more powerful.


It's easy to talk the talk, but walking the walk is much harder. With the best of intentions, we can say anything  . . . . "I always eat a healthy diet" ; "I exercise regularly"; "I respect your need for privacy"; "Everyone deserves respect" . . . . . but the follow through is much harder.

How we lives our days is how we live our lives. Words may be the first step, but our actions - what we do to support those words, even those said with the best of intentions, is a much stronger indication of who we are. 

What we say matters - it matters a lot. But, in the end what we do defines who we are.