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Art Dolls - The Essentials Collection

Online store for The Essentials art doll collection of designer-maker Laura Thompson. An alternative to conventional portraits that celebrate the special people in our lives.

The Essentials Art Dolls

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Unconventional portraits that feature heartfelt words about those who bring meaning to our lives.

Imagine a new way of creating a portrait of your family, friends or that special someone with one-of-a-kind art dolls that capture with words what you see with your heart.

Like a picture, they hang on the wall, offering a unique way to affirm who we are, how we feel and to celebrate the special people in our lives. 

Each doll is unique - crafted with hand-dyed fabrics & lettering, embellished with hammered wire. Available in two colours: Stone (a neutral suitable for any decor) or Rainbow. Choose from a selection of ready-made dolls OR order a doll(s) with a customized quote(s). 

Moms  - Dads  -  Sisters  -  Brothers - The Whole Family  -  Friends  -  Teachers  -  Couples  -  Groups  -  Singles

Please note: The Essentials Art Dolls are works of art intended to hang on the wall. They are not toys. They have small parts which could become a choking hazard and are therefore not to be played with.

Art doll with a quote of your choice

Art doll with a quote of your choice


Custom art doll, hand painted
Your choice of colour, style and quote
Approx. 15" x 3". Ready to hand on the wall
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Custom Order Details

In addition to colour and body shape you be asked to provide a quote during the check out process.

The dolls can accommodate approximately 18 words or 62 letters. Dolls with legs have slightly less available space and are therefore more suitable for shorter quotes. If you have a lengthy quote contact me prior to placing your order to ensure it will fit within the available space.

Most custom orders require one week to complete before they are shipped.