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Art Dolls - The Essentials Collection

Online store for The Essentials art doll collection of designer-maker Laura Thompson. An alternative to conventional portraits that celebrate the special people in our lives.

The Essentials Art Dolls

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Unconventional portraits that feature heartfelt words about those who bring meaning to our lives.

Imagine a new way of creating a portrait of your family, friends or that special someone with one-of-a-kind art dolls that capture with words what you see with your heart.

Like a picture, they hang on the wall, offering a unique way to affirm who we are, how we feel and to celebrate the special people in our lives. 

Each doll is unique - crafted with hand-dyed fabrics & lettering, embellished with hammered wire. Available in two colours: Stone (a neutral suitable for any decor) or Rainbow. Choose from a selection of ready-made dolls OR order a doll(s) with a customized quote(s). 

Moms  - Dads  -  Sisters  -  Brothers - The Whole Family  -  Friends  -  Teachers  -  Couples  -  Groups  -  Singles

Please note: The Essentials Art Dolls are works of art intended to hang on the wall. They are not toys. They have small parts which could become a choking hazard and are therefore not to be played with.